Inoflex S.r.l. and BBV Holding S.r.l., under whose coordination BBV Tech S.r.l ( Alflex) and Steelflex S.r.l operate, created the biggest Italian Group “The industrial Process Specialist”.

industrial group - il sole 24 oreThe companies collected an experience of consolidated success started in 1956 and constantly expressed, in Italy and abroad, in all of industrial fields, included the heavy industry, Oil & Gas,  Petrochemical, Power, civil and military shipbuilding, Antiseismic according to the Italian regulations NTC2108 and foreign ones.

For the first time a single Industrial Group has the control of all of the technologies currently present on the markets: metallic, textile – not metallic, rubber.

Inoflex and BBV Group brought to union the research and development projects (of product, material, process) and the engineering expertise.

Meantime a strong project of innovation and internationalization is started.

True to its history, the Group pursues excellence in manufacturing, with the aim to assist the Customers in the solution of the process and design problems, offering the most suitable solution.

Central elements of the entire project are:

  • People development, promoting positive work environment and positive company culture
  • Setting of a solid etic structure and diffusion of a business culture conscious of the risk.
  • Promotion of a governance system qualified to the role of strategic and management supervision.

The Group has all the necessary certifications:

ISO 9001 – 2015, Regulation ASME Stamp U, U2 & Directive PED 2014/68/UE Mod. H

The expansion joints are designed and built according the standard EJMA, ASME VIII Div.1 & Div.2, EN13445, EN 14917.

All of products can be certified for naval use in compliance with the regulations of the leading authorities as RINA – LR – D.N.V – BV – G.L – A.B.S.