BBV Inoflex Group: more than 50 years of experience in the making of stainless steel and nickel alloys

sole24oreThe BBV Inoflex Group presents itself on the market bringing to unity the engineering and manufacturing experiences of Inoflex S.r.l., BBV Tech S.r.l. (Alflex) and Steelflex S.r.l..

An experience of fifty years that combines with the research and the implementation of new designs and construction technologies.

The Technological and organizational renewal develops within a precise growth project which views the worker and the needs of the markets as essential pillars of reference.

The pipes that transport the process fluids to petrochemical plants, to thermoelectric power plants or, in general, to power plants; play a crucial role. Because of the presence of significant temperatures and pressures, they are exposed to thermal expansion and high stress; therefore, they must have sufficiently flexible geometries or be equipped with the installation of “loops” which, by limiting the thrusts, make it possible to respect the operating and safety parameters imposed by the reference standards for the calculation of the pipes.

Although often the geometries are not sufficient to assimilate the displacements due to thermal expansions (for example when the layout of the plant does not allow the positioning of “loops”). In such cases, the installation of expansion joints, which are appropriately designed, can be the winning solution to the problem as these can both absorb the thermal expansions and limit the loads on the connections of the equipment(such as turbines, boilers, pumps, exchangers, degassers, etc…).

The Division of Engineering, Research and Development and the Technical Department of the BBV Inoflex Group have the skills, experience and means to study the different problems of the pipes in the various loading conditions; when necessary, particular attention is paid to the identification and positioning of the correct type of expansion joints.

The BBV Inoflex Group also places itself on the local and international markets as one of the most qualified operators in the study, design and manufacture of suitable solutions for absorbing the movements of pipes and civil, commercial and industrial structure, relatively to the loads, on various reference plans, transferred by the moving masses in the presence of a seismic event.

The experience in the anti-seismic system of Inoflex, dating back to 1996, is flanked by Steelflex, both for buildings resting on seismic isolators (which involve large differential movements) and for buildings on foundations.
Lastly, the Group offers a complete range of technical and engineering solutions for controlling noise and vibration for soundproofing buildings and ships.

With solid industrial partnerships and collaborations with important engineering firms, in Italy and abroad, executive projects are developed both in the civil and commercial sector (hospitals, airports, public buildings, including skyscrapers and historical buildings) and in the industrial sector (cogenerations, trigenerations, biomasses, waste-to-energy plants, district heating networks).

The BBV Inoflex Group shares with its partners the secret of mutual success in the passion for “doing things the right way“.

The most challenging studies, planning and manufacturing tasks which give the opportunity to express the level of excellence achieved are welcomed.