A further example, not only of the determination to react but above all of the extraordinary adaptability as well as resilience of Italian entrepreneurship, comes from the communications that have taken place with the BBV Inoflex Group, which includes BBV Tech Srl, Steelflex Srl, Inoflex Srl, BBV Holding Srl, all associated with the Chamber.

The BBV Inoflex Group is a leader in the process study on production lines, plant design and in the production of metal, textile and rubber expansion compensators.

The Group Management declares:In conjunction with the lockdown arrangement, the manufacturing companies made themselves ready; the Business Continuity Plan was immediately activated which, among other things, made operational a task force of 20 people in smart working. This operational structure, combined with the partial opening of the textile and metal production lines, has allowed the industrial Group to continue its commercial operations, both meeting the needs of National Strategic Companies and registering orders for hundreds of thousands of euros from China, Russia, The Middle East, Chile and the United States, in addition to integrating the company staff by hiring the new technical-commercial for the United Arab Emirates”.

The acquired results are the natural consequence of the investment in new organizational processes, in the acquisition of the most advanced technologies, in the continuous training of collaborators and in internationalization; the fruitful collaboration relationships created with industrial partners and local representatives in the various continents represent an essential key to success; in the UAE, the long-term relationship of esteem and collaboration with Al Masaood – Projects & Engineering Services Division is strategic.

This significant adaptability is undoubtedly emblematic of how for over forty years the BBV Inoflex Group can be proudly defined as “industrial process specialist”.